Latest works

  • Selection100%

  • Outsourcing95%

  • Training90%

  • HR consultancy85%

Why hire us?

To be our client's strategic partner in attending and managing their talent in Ibiza. IBZJOBS is devoted 100% to the Ibizan labour market which makes us specialists and leaders in Ibizan HR.

Our vision is based on 3 fundamental pillars: Professionalism; sustainability and innovation. We focus on the needs of our customers in pursuing our vision.

  • Mutual assistance
  • Responsibility
  • Equality
  • Equity
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Cooperative social responsibility
  • Capacity building

Main characteristics of IBZJOBS

All members of IBZJOBS have at least fifteen years experience in the HR field, many with professional experience outside Ibiza (Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Asia) which provide us with modern and professional vision of HR.
We are leaders in social media networks relationing to HR services with more than 63,000 followers. We use the latest technology to develop our work. Our selection tools enable innovative management of CVs and the recruitment process, making us more efficient and competitive.