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Do you want to focus all your energy on the business? Don't waste time, let us take care of publishing the offer, receiving the CVs, analyzing the profiles, conducting the interviews, obtaining the references and negotiating the incorporation, you will save time and money.

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Are you one of the companies in Ibiza that still does not have an HR department? relax and not worry, with IBZJOBS you will be able to outsource all HR processes, without the need to increase your workforce and with the peace of mind that experts are in charge.

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Do you feel that you need support in your HR management? are you not sure how we can help you? we make it easy for you, contact us and we will study your case, without any commitment on your part.


We offer you the effective way to revitalize your business through psychology. We help you become the leader you want, we improve the work environment and we establish procedures to avoid the rebound effect.

Operating manuals

Operating manuals are important documents in a company that detail the procedures and processes required to perform various tasks and operations. Operating manuals are useful to ensure consistency in processes and tasks performed by employees. They are also an important tool for the education and training of new employees, as they allow them to understand the procedures and policies of the company more clearly and completely.

Defining ideal templates

The ideal templates in the company refer to a set of characteristics and skills that are sought in employees to fill specific positions in the organization. These characteristics may vary depending on the company and the type of position.

Definition of jobs

The jobs in a company are the different positions or roles that exist within an organization and that have a series of responsibilities and specific tasks assigned. Each job position has a set of specific requirements and skills that must be met by the employees who fill that position.

Pay equity analysis

Pay equity is the idea that employees should receive fair and just compensation for their work, based on their experience, skills, responsibilities, and performance. Pay equity means that employees doing similar jobs should receive similar wages and benefits.

Work environment studies

The study of the work environment is a tool used by companies to measure the perception and satisfaction of employees with respect to their work environment. The work climate refers to the conditions in which employees carry out their work and how they perceive their work environment, the company's culture, management policies and practices, and the relationship with their peers and superiors. The study of the work environment can provide valuable information on the perception of employees about the organization, which can help the company to identify possible problems and areas for improvement in the management of its workforce.

Labor conciliation manuals

Labor conciliation manuals are documents that establish the procedures and policies that companies use to handle labor conflicts and resolve disputes between employees and the company. These manuals can help companies manage labor relations and reduce the costs associated with labor disputes. A labor conciliation manual can be a valuable tool for managing labor relations and resolving conflicts in a company. However, it is important that the manuals are clear, detailed and up to date to ensure that they are effective in handling labor disputes.

Professional development plans

Professional development plans in the company are an important tool to help employees improve their skills and competencies in their professional career, and to ensure that the company has the necessary talent to achieve its long-term objectives. Professional development plans in the company can help improve employee motivation and satisfaction, which in turn can improve productivity and reduce staff turnover. Additionally, the business can benefit from having a team of well-trained and highly-skilled employees who can contribute to the long-term success of the business.

360º performance evaluations

The 360 performance appraisal can be a valuable tool to improve the quality of feedback and to help employees develop their skills and competencies. However, it is also important to note that 360 feedback can be a stressful experience for some employees, so it is important to carry out the evaluation carefully and sensitively. Also, it is important to use the appraisal results to improve employee performance, rather than simply evaluate them.

Organizational psychology

Organizational psychology deals with various issues related to the personal development and leadership of employees. In this sense, it focuses on helping employees develop their skills and competencies through training and personal development programs. In addition, he is concerned with promoting effective leadership in the organization, both at the managerial level and at all levels of the company.

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Eivissa Municipal Corporation

Individual and group intervention process to develop the program “Guidance to minimize the negative psychological effects of the coronavirus COVID’19 crisis for staff who work in...

Urban sanitation and waste management services company

Staff of 86 employees. Work environment study and implementation of corrective measures. Training “Soft skills” and Leadership for middle managers and department managers. Training in “Emotional Intelligence” full staff...

Comprehensive management of Human Resources in an agency

Staff of 30 employees. Operational manual and definition of jobs and functions. Valuation of jobs and remuneration policy. Performance evaluations. Training plan and tripartite training budget management. Definition of corporate strategy. Staff...

HORECA sector distribution company

Transformation of the work schedule from split shift to continuous shift in a staff of 23 employees.

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All the members of IBZJOBS have at least fifteen years of experience in the field of HR, some with a professional past outside Ibiza (Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Asia) that makes them have a modern and professional vision of HR, serving in turn to adapt their local vision of Ibiza.


We are leaders in the labor market in Ibiza's social networks (+56,000 fans), we have the latest technology to carry out our work. Our selection tool allows an innovative management of CVs and processes, this makes us more efficient and competitive.

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